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Creative City is primarily about the intelligence behind the great design. Not only do we believe we have the smartest designers and developers in the industry but we are about the intelligence in our service too.

We are more passionate about this than ever. We all sigh when clients have came to be rescued from the baddies in the industry. Our experience as designers and developers puts us in a different league and you will only ever be given the best tailored to your needs.


We know that choosing a design company can be nerve racking. Our history and experience are displayed in our portfolio. We know we deliver what our clients need. It’s your look and we respect that, we want your project to look the best that it can be.

We are confident we can tailor to your every need. Everything we do has you in mind.


When something is attractive to the eye it makes life so much nicer. It brings inspiration and motivation. Our creative designers will make your project draw out those envy eyes in your competitor and make your clients feel like they have chosen the best.

We can do minimalistic. We can do exhibitionistic. We love good style.


You have to be on the front foot in this industry with design and technologies. We are constantly innovating our processes, services, technologies and ideas to help clients get that ever-changing fresh look.

Never given last seasons styles, we will make sure your company looks the best and complies with all modern devices. Put your trust in our designers and your project is going to look great. And you are going to be happy.


When you know you’ve got a good thing going then it can be a success. With a little support from the experts, what you’ve envisioned your project to look like can come to be. We believe that we have the best guys to help you do this.

We believe our approach to customer service and design of projects is of excellence. We really don’t want you to have a bad experience and we want you to be really satisfied with our work. This is the core belief of Creative City.

Clients we have worked with

Edinburgh Airport
PJ Molloys